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Perkins Prima TDi in Land Rover Engine Mounts

For Series II-III Land Rover's.

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The engine mounts are constructed from 5mm cold rolled steel, the slots and holes are all jig drilled, the welding is a mixture of all tig and Tig and Mig. There are two obviously different types of mounts, some are fabricated with a diagonal face, this is so they clear the valve in the oil pump while being bolted to the block, the second type square and have two strips of 5mm steel as welded to the back of the rh mount as spacers. The spacer shift the mount out past the oil pump valve. It would be feasible to cut the valve plug off so it doesn't interfere with the mount, but the turbo oil line is here aswell, the 5mm spacer seems to do the trick nicely; the only shortcoming is a slight loss of access to the block bolt's. The mounts fabricated with the angle on them take several hours more to make, they look good but I would have to ask more for them. I can have them zinc plated and gold passivated, cost varies according to how many sets I take in last time it worked out to about 9 per set. Where to put the engine, seems people want to put it forward 10mm, mine is in the original place and the clearance behind the block is a few inches, I have made them 10 mm forwards as this is what people seem to want, I have been asked to kick the motor over 10 mm to help with oil filter axle clearance, this would be such a problem if the engine was further back. the 10mm sideways shift doesn't cause any problems with driveshaft missalignemnet. I am going to put the engine up 10 mm aswell, so the missalignment is approx 14mm.


DescriptionNumber in StockCost
Engine and Alternator MountsTwo Sets. 100
Adapter Plate Four. 190
Carriage by Securicor  12.56
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