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Adapters and Other Parts for Sale


The adapters are an aluminium casting and accept a mixture of stock Land Rover hardware and Montego hardware. The drain at the bottom of the casting is threaded for a plug and the timing pin hole is partly threaded as well. The fasteners needed are listed on the page about checking the adapter.

The engine mounts are fabricated from 5 mm cold rolled steel, the picture is of my mounts the ones i am making are a bit's differant, i will take some pics when I collect them from being plated.

A Bush to go in the crankshaft to accept the Land Rover pilot bush will be available when I have a chance to check the fit of one. The picture above right is the bush in my landrover.

I have been asked for radiator hoses and throttle cable bit's. I could supply the bottom radiator tube like mine, it has a welded branch for the oil cooler feed. The best bet is to collect all the Motego hoses, two landrover bottom rad' hoses, a landrover top rad hose and mix'n'match.. I can supply three aluminum hose joiners for 1.5" hose, these should do to join the bit's together. I will see about making throttle cable brakets and other throttle cable bit's.

If you want to collect, I am in Surrey, you can call and collect. Otherwise I can have the parts delivered by Securico, foreign orders email me as I have used differant carriers each time. The adapters are approx 6kg I will weigh the mounts later, if you want to arrange carriage yourself thats fine by me. Payment, personal cheques are fine e-mail me for details, paypal would be acceptable if you pay the charges.


DescriptionNumber in StockCost
Engine and Alternator MountsFour Sets. 100
Adapter Plate Two. 190
Carriage by Securicor  12.56
Date this was Updated  15 July 2006


  Cobbled together on the 24th Dec 2003

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