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Before 1991 the CAV single stage opening injectors were fitted, after 91 Bosch two stageinjectors were fitted. The two types are easily identifiable, single stage having the pressure feed from the pump going to the side of the body and the spill pipe attached to the top of the injector, two stage injectors are the other way around[CAV is the top one in the picture and Bosch is the bottom one].I think the change was made to reduce noise and emissions, by improving combustion. The engines with two stage injectors are said by some people to be a few hp more powerful and by others to be a few hp less powerful, the fuel consumption of multistage equipped Montegos is less than the early ones but I think they made some other changes, gearing and other emission stuff. Reconditioned Bosch injectors from my local injector placewere 36 a piece in 2003 and I am told CAV injectors are generally cheaper. Most injector specialist will check and clean injectors for a nominal cost.

The fuel injection pump is a Bosch VE pump. The pump is essentially the same as fitted to the Cummins engine in Dodge Rams and Land Rover 200 and 300 Tdi[as well as loads of other diesels],so all relevant tuning tips for Land Rovers or Rams apply[do a Google search].

There is a glow plug in each cylinder to aid cold starts. The Prima engine is an excellentstarter and the ones I have had have started instantly without allowing the plugs to heat up. When I have checked to see if plugs work it's not unusual to find one or more that doesn't. Unless starting is and issue I wouldn't worry. The plugs are listed as Champion CH88 or CH137[?] or NJK Y-902R. The plugs can be difficult to remove, make sure you have a 6 sided socket.

****** I am still making adapters ******

I have missed some phone calls, please use email if the phone isn't answered. 25th November 2012

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