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Cylinder head.

A Typical Used Cylinder Head.

The most common problem with the Prima is cylinder head gaskets leaking. The gaskets corrode or head corrode and the the gasket blows around the left side of the end cylinders. Usually a new gasket and it's cured, make sure the coolant mixture contains the right amount of antifreeze. A head gasket on it's own will cost around 15, you don't need a head set unless you want valve stem seals or some other gaskets.

The signs of a leaking head gasket are.

Sometimes the cylinder head surface will show signs of fretting where the gasket fire ring was, this is not usually a problem. Sometimes the head has corroded and there isn't any metal to support the gasket fire ring, you need to find a replacement head or have the head welded. I have welded and surfaced few of these, the main problem is getting the head clean enough so the weld is sound. All the Prima heads, N/A and turbo, car and van, seem to be the same.

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