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What a luvly motor

The Perkins Prima engine was supplied for use in cars, vans and as an industrial/marine powerplant. The car version of this engine is the most suitable for the conversion, you can use a normaly aspirated engine if you realy have to, but the turbo engine is better for the conversion. The power output of the N/A engine is 15 bhp less than the turbo engine and with the ready availability of the turbo engine, not to mention the N/A motor having manifolds that interfere with the place I put the alternator, I would always go for the turbo motor. I have come across turbo stationary engines, but I wouldn't have thought the fuel pump setup was suitable for a Land Rover, so ignore them except as a spares source. The source of engines are mostly Austin Montegos and Maestros.

So your looking for a Montego from 1989 to 1994, Or a Maestros from 9? to 95. When I was looking for a Montego I was offered several with over two hundred thousand miles on the clock, with seemingly good engines, I declined them. Given the chance I would always opt for a low milage example, if possible, but if I had to I would go with a high miler. The engine has the reputation of being able to withstand hundreds thousand miles without any problems and I have been told well looked after examples can cover half a million miles. Apart from the engine you can use some other parts from a parts car, but you can manage with just an engine.

The only problem I ever see in these engines is leaking head gaskets, which is usually OK once the gasket has been replaced. Generally the leaking head gasket is around the left hand side of the combustion chamber on cylinders 1 and 2, it blows straight into the waterway, so a leaking head gasket will pressurise the water system resulting in water loss and often the entire engine bay will have a light coat of rust from the rusty water that's been lost. If you check the water and it doesn't smell of antifreeze, it's likely the water needs filling regularly[leaking head gasket] and plain water is put in. Antifreeze is also anticorrosive which is required with the ali heads, I have had to weld the edges of the water way up when I skim them after they have been run on plain water for a long time. While the condition of the car is imaterial, in fact the worse the better as you should get it for less, but does the owner of a right heap ever change the oil or look after the engine at all? I have bought some real nasty looking cars that have been completeley uncared for yet the engines have been great, it's hard to tell really.

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